[Wine]Re: Re: Unusual characters in IE6

Alban Browaeys browaeys.alban at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 2 09:52:39 CST 2005

Le Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:17:07 +0200, Dotan Cohen a écrit :

>> > Hi all- I am very happy to say that I have successfully installed wine
>> > and winetools. The only problem is, that when I try to type in hebrew
>> > in IE, all the characters come out as a kuf- that is the letter that
>> > shares a key with 'E' on the keyboard. English typing works fine. Has
>> > anyone seen something like this before? According to google, no. Does
>> > anyone know what causes this?
>> i woudl say your wine keyboard configuration is broken . Though i don't
>> know how wine fix a keyboard (only that it is a file in the wine source
>> and you need to hack it).
>> I have seen a patch for another keyboard and the problem was the array of
>> letter was wrong. Maybe you could fix it this way too (fixing the key map).

this was this email (wine devel ML):

> I looked on google for the incedent you are describing, but it may not
> have been documented (or google did not get to that document!). Could
> you pleae send me any more information? How would I 'hack' that file?
> I'm not much of a hacker...

the file is :
 about hacking this file i cannot help much , you should try debian-devel.
 y now all i can suggest is to check if your keymap is  supported . I
 found IL , IL_phonetic, IL_sharon . What are your keyboard settings in
 XF6Config-4 ?


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