Alban Browaeys browaeys.alban at wanadoo.fr
Sun Apr 17 22:39:08 CDT 2005

Le Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:19:31 -0700, Doug Nusbaum a écrit :

> "Make sure that your X server is running" - which it probably is since I 
> am using a gui.
> and "and that $DISPLAY is set correctly"

On desktops DISPLAY value is ":0" (export DISPLAY=:0 before starting the
application if you start if from the command line).

In fact it is "localhost:0" , first part is the network name of the
machine which hist the X server and the second is the X server id (one
machine can run multiple X server thouhg on a desktop there is little use
to do so).

The X startup script initialize this at startup so it is a little weird to
see the program failing to find it (this is a thing pretty few people
mess with).
Again if running form the commandline you can check it is
properly set by:
 $ echo $DISPLAY

My guess are the problem is something else. Feel free to reask with more
of the log from the program, the program name if one can download it, the
version of wine (wine  --version) you use ...


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