[Wine]Re: Flash and Contribute

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Fri Apr 22 11:43:59 CDT 2005

Caleb O'Connell wrote:
> I just installed wine-20050419 and it's great so far.  Dreamweaver works,
> office2000 works, Adobe photoshop and InDesign 3.0 work great.  However
> both Contribute3.0 and FlashMX do not work.  They both have a common error. 
> Flash:
> fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
> Contribute offers a few more:
> fixme:win:User32InitializeImmEntryTable (0x19650412): stub
> fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
> fixme:exec:ShellExecuteExW32 flags ignored: 0x00000440

Well, the CreateActCtx call involves something called and "activation 
context". If activation contexts are important to the running of these 
programs, then there is not much you can do except hope someone 
eventually implements the functions. None of the activation context 
functions are currently implemented in Wine. Browse through here:

The ShellExecute message is likely unimportant, and probably also the 
InitializeImm message.

I will admit that it is not real clear to me what an activation context 
is used for, but you can always read about it here:

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