[Wine] Wine Server for multi users

Vitaliy Margolen vitaliy at kievinfo.com
Sat Dec 24 15:53:47 CST 2005

ATM wineserver is incapable of handling multiple users. In a sense it is
single user application. Also, don't forget that wineserver is responsible
for registry. And registry comes from ~/.wine (or more correct
$WINEPREFIX/system.reg and $WINEPREFIX/user.reg).

It is a to-do for some distant feature however when whole WIne will be
more stable and more reliable. With, perhaps, support for full winNT
security scheme.


> I'm trying to do this as my project. So it really doesnt deal with any
> specific application. As of now, Wine behaves as a stand-alone system
> for the user who installs applications (Each user has his own Vitual
> Machine). Its not scalable like an unix application which can be
> shared across multiple users. So i'm trying to figure out exactly
> that.
> By having one instance of wineserver for all wine processes (no matter
> who the user is), we achieve something like shared unix apps. Since im
> a student this will be very helpful if our servers have applications
> installed and multiple users could share them.
> -Giri
> On 12/23/05, Dan Kegel <daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Giri wrote:
>> > I'm trying to reduce the memory occupied by wineserver in a multiuser
>> > system, for instance: a server shared by 100s of users. In this case,
>> > it is better to have a single wineserver which can manage wine
>> > processes of multiple users (1 process instead of 100s of wineserver
>> > processes). I understand that security has to be maintained such that
>> > one user cannot access another user's file. But i just wanted to know
>> > how to do this.
>> Good question.  I'm not sure how easy this would be at the moment.
>> It's probably more a question for the wine-devel mailing list
>> than for the wine-users mailling list.
>> What's your application, i.e. are you really
>> running a timesharing system of some sort?
>> - Dan
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