[Wine]Can't get sound

Rob Brenart rob at brenart.net
Wed Feb 23 16:31:21 CST 2005

> Am Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 12:00:45AM -0600 schrieb Rob Brenart:
>> It uses (and installed) quicktime, so maybe it's quicktime I need to get
>> sound from?
>> But if I click the quicktime icon it put on my desktop my screen goes
>> nuts and I have to restart the xserver to make my computer usable again.
> [AppDefaults\\QuickTimePlayer.exe\\x11drv]
> "Managed" = "N"
> "Desktop" = "1024x768"
> Should do the trick. Sometimes it is necessary to also use:
> [AppDefaults\\QuickTimePlayer.exe\\DllOverrides]
> "ddraw" = ""

This got the QuickTime Window going in a 1024x768 window on my desktop
(1400x1050 desktop)... I needed the DllOverrides... but the menus are
complete gibberish... Or rather, once I pull down a menu, its contents are
complete gibberish... I'm guessing that's just a font package though, I'll
have to check some manuals for that tonight.

Thank you.

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