[Wine]Accessing XP Drive

David Jay Jackson david.j.jackson at lastisfirst.org
Wed Jan 5 13:08:32 CST 2005

Rudi Bruchez wrote:

> David Jay Jackson wrote:
>> Howdy --
>> Can I access my XP partition  (/dev/hda1), and run applacation 
>> installed there?
>> Without being logged in as root? I keep getting permission deined 
>> when I try to do it from user account.
> hello,
> certainly the problem is the way you mount the partition. Here's my 
> entry in /etc/fstab for my XP partition (NTFS) :
> /dev/hda2   /mnt/win   ntfs   
> user,noexec,nodev,nosuid,ro,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=iso8859-1   0   0
> The uid and gid options give a user and group that will own the 
> mounted filesystem. Put your IDs there.
> rudi
Rudi --
Thanks for you response, I actaully found a similar answer seaching the 
Wine group on google... imange that ... yes I said "searching" :-)
But it seem that all I can execicute from the partiton is IE and simple 
applications like putty? But know Office or Lotus Notes?

Any ideas on these( I also read something about coping dlls),


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