[Wine]General comment s on Wine/WineTools - how does a new user setup Wine the very first time?

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Thu Jan 6 12:36:35 CST 2005

Am Do, Jan 06, 2005 at 08:50:25 -0800 schrieb Mark Knecht:
> 1) If I have a user's account that has never run Wine before then what
> is the proper way to run Wine the very first time. Assume that the
> user has no .wine directory and that Wine was just built in some
> subdirectory from source. I've been using one of the following 3
> commands to get the .wine directory built:

When you build wine on yourself I think there is no default config
created when you type wine, but I'm not sure, because I always use and
recommend the prebuild variants from winehq. If you use them you can
type one of the commands. Wine creates the .wine when it does not exist.
If you use WineTools you will get a suitable config by executing the
"Base setup" no matter whether you have an existing .wine directory. I
recommend that way.

> 2) WineTools won't install IE6 so far no matter what I try. It always
> hangs somewhere in the middle of downloading or installing IE6.
> However, outside of WineTools I can execute the same IE6 setup program
> and it works correctly. I fear it has somethign to do with the two
> commands that WineTools requires for setting up links where the second
> command didn't work for me.

Sounds interesting. Did you go through the whole "Base setup"? This is
extremely important. If you don't the install will fail! You MUST create
a new fake drive with WineTools, install Arial and dcom98 before you
continue with IE6.

> and I can try again from scratch. If there are any other hidden
> directories or files that need to be set up or removed before I retry,
> please let me know. All I see today are the .wine directory and a
> winetools log file.

WineTools cares for all of that. The right way is just to go through the
whole "Base setup". But I don't know exactly how it works with
selfcompiles versions. Try a prebuild binary from winehq, please.

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