[Wine]Winelib/MFC questions

Robert Lee Robert.Lee at datacommand.com
Mon Jan 10 09:03:17 CST 2005


I am working for a company with a complex (commercial) MFC application that
we wish to port to Linux.

I have read the guide to compiling the MFC and I have a few questions (hope
this is the right place to ask them!):

- Is it necessary to recompile MFC? Could we not just distribute the same
mfc42.dll file as we use under Windows and use that? 

- Has anyone written a complete, step-by-step guide to compiling the MFC
under Linux? Are there any patches or Makefiles out there that I could use
to speed up the process?

- Why can I not just download a precompiled libmfc.so (or .a) file from
somewhere and use that?

My background is in Linux programming, rather than Windows, but the program
is too big to re-write using native libraries in a reasonable timeframe.
Furthermore, I don't think we're willing to shell out for multi-developer
licences for Qt, so I believe that our best bet is to use winelib. Most of
the program runs fine under Wine.

Many thanks for your help,

- Robert J. Lee

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