[Wine]jack audio driver

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Jan 10 11:47:39 CST 2005

hi there

i've been testing various windows audio apps with the latest wine
(specific questions relating to them on the way ... ), and so i've been
fiddling around with the WinMM and dsound settings in the config file.
i'm pretty sure that wineoss.drv works fine, along with winealsa.drv -
but what's the deal with winejack.drv?

 i have jack installed, but if i select the jack driver in the wine
configuration, then start jack, then the windows audio program that i
happen to be using, i see no new inputs or outputs being added to the
jack connection bay - in Muzys there is only an option for WineALSA
DirectSound Driver or MME SB16 Wave Out ...

is the jack driver option functional yet, or am i just a bit too hopeful
in assuming it meant you could hook up wine apps to the jack sound server?

thanx for any help


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