[Wine]Registered program foibles

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jan 19 01:34:41 CST 2005

There are different methods Windows programs use to record/check their 
registration (did you pay up?).
1. There may be entries, literal or encrypted in the registry.
2. There may be some license file.
3. May check some number derived somehow from hardware and configuration.
4. Pace and other auxiliary program dlls.

The first two should work OK with WINE. The first requires WINE to access the 
registry and profile but should possible. The second requires the path but 
this should usually be in place.

The third method will run afoul of WINE. A different number will be reported. 
Only a few programs allow registering more than one number. (Additionally, 
changing hard disks or other hardware items will change this number and can 
render programs inoperative until re-registered which sometimes might not be 
possible :-( ).

The fouth method will probably not work either since multiple process 
runs--such as accessing spell checkers or help files--may not work in WINE.

Anybody found work-arounds for any of this?

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