[Wine]DC++ 0.668 - Annoying "tooltips"

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Jan 26 23:46:08 CST 2005

Hello there ?
  There were folks in the recent time running DC++ on wine. I'm also one of
them, and I have a small problem, which turns out to be very annoying. The
action buttons at the top of the main DC++ window as well as tabs at the
bottom tend to show "tooltips" containing information about the last files
to be hashed. However, there is an error somewhere that these tooltip windows
are there forever, they don't go away, when they should. Once activated
"tooltip" can be moved by placing the mouse on another button/tab, but not
deactivated. Buttons and tabs even seem to have their own "tooltip logic",
independent on each other, so You can have two tooltips visible simultaneously
and showing the same.
And their behaviour is really "aggresive" - they always stay on top of all
windows and they automatically move to any virtual desktop. 
  Does anybody else observe the same problem, and did anybody eventually find
a solution for it ?
  I have the latest CVS wine (updated today) and DC++ installed manually, no
winetools used. 
                          With regards, Pavel Troller

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