[Wine]DC++ 0.668 - Annoying "tooltips"

James Hawkins truiken at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 00:38:48 CST 2005

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 06:46:08 +0100, Pavel Troller <patrol at sinus.cz> wrote:
> Hello there ?
>   There were folks in the recent time running DC++ on wine. I'm also one of
> them, and I have a small problem, which turns out to be very annoying. The
> action buttons at the top of the main DC++ window as well as tabs at the
> bottom tend to show "tooltips" containing information about the last files
> to be hashed. However, there is an error somewhere that these tooltip windows
> are there forever, they don't go away, when they should. Once activated
> "tooltip" can be moved by placing the mouse on another button/tab, but not
> deactivated. Buttons and tabs even seem to have their own "tooltip logic",
> independent on each other, so You can have two tooltips visible simultaneously
> and showing the same.
> And their behaviour is really "aggresive" - they always stay on top of all
> windows and they automatically move to any virtual desktop.
>   Does anybody else observe the same problem, and did anybody eventually find
> a solution for it ?
>   I have the latest CVS wine (updated today) and DC++ installed manually, no
> winetools used.
>                           With regards, Pavel Troller
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This is a problem that occurrs AFAIK in every program that uses
tooltips.  I don't know the exact cause of the problem or the
subsequent fix, but I am sure that it is being worked on.  Just keep
updating wine and a fix will hopefully be available soon.

James Hawkins

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