[Wine]A program using Borland Interbase interface.

Ekatalog developers developers-wine at ekatalog.com.pl
Mon Jul 4 05:50:03 CDT 2005

Hi, I have a program here which runs on a firebird database. It's built
in borland c++ builder, so any errors (exceptions) result in:

Assertion failed: !"bogus context in _ExceptionHandler()", file xx.cpp,
line 3071


Abnormal program termination

That's why I have problems with debugging.

Anyway, this program connects to a firebird database throught fbguard
(even if it's a remote db, it still requires a local fbguard running).
Does wine have problems with windows IPC or whatever is the way they
communicate? (no connection in netstat). Everytime it tries to use
database, an exception is thrown and it crashes.

Filip Zyzniewski

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