[Wine]Installing Wordview with Winetools

Benjamin Sher sher07 at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 6 19:25:24 CDT 2005

Dear friends:

I am pleased to say that I successfully installed Internet Explorer 
Sp1 on my Linux (Scientific Linux 4.0, which is based on RHEL 4) 
using Wintools. 

After installing IE6, I thought installing WordView (the Word97 
word view program) would be a snap. But instead Wintools failed 
to install it in several attempts. It started, downloaded the file and 
tried to install it. But at the end it informed me that the installation 
had failed. I checked the .wine directory just to make sure and, 
yes, WordView was not installed. I also tried to run it with "wine 
wordview". It's not installed.

I then tried to install MSOffice 97. Again, it tried but failed.

I am using the latest, recommended version of Winetools with the 
wine build of 20041019, the one specifically recommended by the 
author of Winetools on his site.

If IE6 installed, why should I have a problem with WordView? Is 
there a solution?

Thank you so much.


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