[Wine]Windows program calling another program

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Jul 13 02:55:22 CDT 2005

>>>>> "David" == David Good <johnny.cybermyth at gmail.com> writes:

    David> I saw a discussion that looked exactly like the issue that I'm
    David> having, but turned out to be a divide by zero error instead.  I
    David> apologize if this issue as already been addressed.

    David> I am trying to run an IDE called MPLAB(v7.20) under
    David> wine(v20050524).  I can get the IDE up and it will successfully
    David> call another program called mpasmwin.exe which assembles the
    David> file.  This mpasmwin program generates some output files and
    David> quits, but the output messages never make it back to the MPLAB
    David> IDE.  After about 10 seconds, MPLAB outputs:

    David> Thread would not exit normally.  Could not read language tool
    David> output from pipe. (5)

I suspect this is the same problem with the detection of a broken pipe, that
is seen with GNU make.exe, Altara Quartus starting jtagserver.exe and probably
more. A test case is already in our test suite, as a todo_wine. 

An example how CreatPipe and the detection of the pipe write end being
closed used for inter-programm communication is given in
or sprankled in many ifdefs in function.c of GNU make.
I tried several times to come to a solution, but didn't see anything. My
plea for help on this list got by unanswered several times

    David> ...

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