[Wine]Problems with Planescape: Torment

Alex Ferguson b_linuz at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 05:23:18 CDT 2005

Case is closed and we are the WINNERS!!!

1) It seems Ubuntu has general problems with sound.So,
to get sound in Wine you must overcome these general
problems (There are thousands of Howtos in
ubuntuforums and a nice & quick solution in
ubuntuguide).But, there is still no sound in wine.So,
I compiled & installed wine-2005/05/24 (Since that one
is the last one with the config file and the
2005/06/28 version is giving me problems, look here:
2) Next, I installed Timidity and freepats.
3) I went to my config file and under "WinMM", I
uncommented the ALSA line.
4) Under "dsound" I uncommented the 
HardwareAcceleration = "Emulation" line, and voilla!
It's done!

Concerning the flickering of the Xcursor, along with
the Planescape one, you could either find a program to
hide the Xcursor or use a workaround I found (Quite a
long one, though).Place a non-empty CD (Non-Empty
counts, and put a NON PS:T CD) in the CD tray in which
PS expects to find the PS:T CD.Wait till it propts you
to enter CD2 or something. CTRL+ALT F1 (Or up to F6)
to enter the console and eject the (Non-Empty)
CD.Place the needed PS:T CD in the tray, close it, and
CTRL+ALT F7 back to X.Wait for ~2 secs and then go
back to the console.Wait a bit (~5 Secs) until you are
confident that the prompt screen has passed and the
videos have started (All this wilst you can't see
anything of what's going on, just a idle console),
then go back to X (Using the CTRL... keys).Voilla! The
cursor is no longer there! Stupid, but...It works.For

Thank you all!!! I LOVE WINE! I LOVE WHISKEY!!! CHEERS!!

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