[Wine]Do I need to defile my machine, or is there a simple work-around

Johnny CyberMyth johnny.cybermyth at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 11:14:27 CDT 2005

I'm also trying to get the MPLAB v7.20 working with wine.  I have the 
IDE up and running using winetools and installing IE and some other 
goodies.  So, when you get it working, keep us informed if you can get 
the MPASMWIN.EXE to return output messages to the IDE.  Check out my 
other posts on this list about my experiences.

I really need this to work asap since I'm going to the Microchip Masters 
2005 conference on the 19th.  I'd like to take gnu/linux with me.

Uwe Bonnes wrote:
>>>>>>"David" == David D Hagood <wowbagger at sktc.net> writes:
>     David> I am trying to install Microchip's MPLab package (a set of tools
>     David> for working with PIC microcontrollers) with the latest Wine from
>     David> CVS (at least, latest as of yesterday morning).
>     David> I've been running Wine for a while, so I already have an existing
>     David> Wine registry. I don't have a Windows install on the machine.
>     David> The installer (InstallShield) unpacks, runs, and then pops up a
>     David> dialog "Internet Explorer 5 or later must be installed". When the
>     David> dialog is acknowledged, the installer exits.
>     David> I'm wondering - do I need to defile my machine with IE5, or is
>     David> this just a matter of missing registry entries for DLLs that Wine
>     David> provides?
>     David> I noticed that there is no longer a default registry file in the
>     David> Wine source tree to be installed when Wine is set up - so the
>     David> question in my mind is "How are the initial registry entries set
>     David> up now?"
>     David> For those interested - MPLab is a free download:
>     David> http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/MP720_Full.zip
> The readme file in
> http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/ReadmeMP720.zip
> tells in "Readme for MPAB IDE.txt"
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 3. Minimum Required Configuration
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> The following minimum configuration is required to run MPLAB IDE:
> * PC-compatible Pentium(R)-class system
> * Supported Windows operating system (see section 2)
> * 32 MB memory (128 MB recommended)
> * 95 MB of hard disk space
> * Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater for installation and on-line Help
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I had that problem with Atmel AVR-Studio too. So I installed winetools,
> wine-20041019, ie and the avrstudio.
> Bye

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