[Wine]Font Issues

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Sat Jul 16 03:01:17 CDT 2005

Gleber p. schreef:
> josie at mbstemps.com wrote:
>> I recently installed Wine and have been using it to run Delphi
>> executables.  Everything is great except the fonts.  My forms are made
>> using Arial.  I've been trying to install Windows fonts which I
>> downloaded from sourceforge, I installed the cabextract tool but
>> everytime I try to extract the msttcorefonts spec it says failed
>> dependencies the cabextract tools is needed and it's already
>> installed.  I've tried to build the binarys from the source of the
>> cabextract tool and after reading the installation instructions it has
>> come to my attention that the installation of the cabextract tool can
>> be tricky to compile.  It has become quite a pain and I was wondering
>> if there was any way to easily remedy my font problem without all the
>> hassel.
>> -Josie
> cd /home/[username]/.wine/drive_c/
> wget http://switch.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/corefonts/arial32.exe
> wine arial32.exe
> Works perfectly for me.
> Gleb Peregud
> P.S. Or use any other mirror from
> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts/arial32.exe?download

Or-- I have the open-source versions of the MS files installed as the
'corefonts' package-- if you do as well, you can

1) copy the fonts to Wine's font folder;

2) edit the Wine config to point to the directory where the fonts live
(/usr/share/fonts/corefonts), using either the config file (if you have
one), or the Registry-- you should be able to do this with Wine's
regedit, meaning Wine's regedit works for this purpose, but I don't know
where to find the key to change this setting, having not yet looked for
it. So I can't tell you what reg file it's in, or what it is called, or
even if it exists (all of the config settings were moved to the
Registry, but other users have reported being unable to find some of the
settings they are used to, and winecfg does not handle this).

3) If you have Windows installed somewhere, you can copy the fonts and
dump them in Wine's fonts folder.

But the above manner of installing the 'real' MS fonts will also work--
I've done almost all of these at some time or another, but currently
don't think I'm doing anything, as Wine 20050628 is working fine with
fonts without my intervention-- and in fact, it works better than
Cedega, which often has blank text where Wine does not. So if you are
using an older version of Wine than the current, you might consider

Hope this helps,

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