[Wine]Latest and Greatest!

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Mon Jul 18 06:10:32 CDT 2005

The MVP Bridge program is working once again. Waited months for this one to be 

Some more regression testing:

Mixed-up-math (PK games -- nice math and other puzzles) no longer runs. 
Program starts but crashes out loading a control--most likely IE/Mozzilla 
equivalent. I have never succeded in accessing the network via WINE. 
Installing the mozilla control enabled this program and others to try, 
quietly fail to check for their "new games" and run. I do not know which 
version broke this one.

Jammer Pro 5 (Soundtrek--premier MIDI composition program). I had gotten this 
one to play by setting to 32-bit windows--controls were misplaced or missing 
on some of his custom dialogs. Program now crashes is with resources in 
negative positions. This is not necessarily an error unless I try to 
display/activate them at these positions. I have used this device to swap 
groups of buttons in and out of a dialog.

Tabledit (good tablature editor an player. Imports ABC forma). Still plays 
fine but many of its overlaying windows (for various tools) come up with the 
frame but unpainted and inactive!

ABCMus (ABC editor/player) works fine.

AnalogX Virtual Piano. Works fine of PC keyboard. Not off MIDI in device. This 
might have been this way all along.

Harbal (Mastering equalizer) DEMO works fine. Awaiting a native Linux versin 
of this one (WxWidgets). Then I'll buy it.

Tracktion-1 (They were giving this away for a while. Version 2 is out.) Still 
does not show its dialogs (tk!). ALt-F4 disimisses the invisible dialog. 
Sound never played in this one but so tantalizingly close as the main window 
panes work 100%.

More to follow ...

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