[Wine]winecfg has no libraries

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Thu Jul 21 06:11:02 CDT 2005

Isaac Rabicoff schreef:
> Hello everyone,
> Now I realize that I only had the latest version of wine-cvs and not
> wine itself.  I've fixed this, but now winecfg doesn't allow me to
> select dll overides in the libraries tab.  I'm not sure why this feature
> is unavailable.
> I'm hoping to be able to run dc++ (I use comctl32, commctrl, comdlg32,
> and riched20 dll overides) with this new version.
> Thanks,
> Isaac

The contents of the Libraries tab are completely greyed out until you
type a dll name in the text field. You also have to select something on
the "Applications" tab: either 'Default settings' (which will cause the
information on the subsequent tabs to be global settings), or an
individual application (which you must add to the Applications tab), to
create a per-application setting that just applies to that application;
you will see in the titlebar that if the individual app is selected, the
title will change to "Settings for <your app>").

Hope this helps; it's not exactly elegant, but it does work (and make
sense if you pay attention to what winecfg is doing with the knowledge
of what the same settings in the config file used to do).


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