[Wine]rsync and ~/.wine

Brian McKee brian.mckee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 16:14:47 CDT 2005

Hi All
   With winetools 2.12 and the 2004-10-somethingorother release I'm
finally able to 'use' wine with some industry specific little
applications.   [THANKS Joachim for making other's hard work so
useable! I've been wanting to do this for ever and never got it to
work previously. ]
  So, I've installed wine, winetools and a half dozen Windows applications. 
I'd like to duplicate this setup across a bunch of desktops.  Assuming
I install the same version of wine and winetools on each desktop, can
I just rsync the .wine folder I have onto each desktop?  Is there
anything stored outside of that folder I need to worry about?  The
only thing that occured to me was the link to the cdrom, but it's
/mnt/cdrom on all of them....
   Comments appreciated

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