[Wine]err:module:import_dll Library VCL30.dpl

Peter Rundle prundle at mhl.nsw.gov.au
Tue Jun 21 20:27:41 CDT 2005

I'd love to get a legacy application running under wine (yeah wouldn't 
we all I hear ya) and I'm up to a point were it's complaining about a 
missing DLL as per the subject. I can get the missing file from a 
Windows installation but no matter where I place it (in the applications 
directory, in the fake_windows/Windows/System directory it doesn't find 
it. I have edited the config file and added a line  "VCL30*" "native" 
but all to no avail. The VCL30.dpl is from Windows Nt4 as is the 
application so I assume that "not found" means not found and not "wrong 
version" or some such.

Any Cluesticks out there?



P.S The actual error message is;

err:module:import_dll Library VCL30.dpl (which is needed by 
L"C:\\Program Files\\Mincom\\MIMS Open 
Enterprise\\4.3\\bin\\msqexp.exe") not found

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