[Wine]Winetools + IE6 + WineCVS

Gleber p. gleber at mapnet.pl
Tue Jun 21 12:55:25 CDT 2005

Adam Cooper wrote:

>Hello all. 
>I'm trying to run the above combination. Now I understand that Winetools
>recommends an older version. However, I also understand that the latest
>version of Wine is leagues ahead in terms of features and stability.
>Problem is, I need IE6. Which doesn't install using Winetools under the
>latest CVS (as in today) and I enjoy the more reliable operation that
>the latest version offers.
>The installation of IE hangs at ~46% with a constant streaming of
>"fixme:thunk:__regs_CommonUnimpStub generic stub: ?" in the console
>window. According to the wine bugzilla this bug (or one just like it)
>was closed earlier this year.
>Any hints?
>Thanks for listening

I've had same problem. I've installed IE6 (and other Win32 stuff, 
provided by WineTools) using some older Wine and after this i've 
installed CVS version, and everything works very well.

Hope this helps.

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