[Wine]Where to install wine?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 21:11:03 CDT 2005

As winetools recommends 20041019, I am compiling from source on my
Fedora Core 4 box. If I try to do it as root in /usr/local/bin then I
do ./complile->make depend->make->make install. When I try to do make
install I am informed that I must not be root. So I su to user and I
am told that I had to unpack the tarball as user. But if I try to
unpack the tarball as user (after erasing all that was unpacked by
root), then for each file I get: "Cannot open: No such file or
directory". So I think that maybe the problem is that I am doing it in
/usr/local/bin, where user has no permissions. So where should I
unpack it? And if I do the install as a user, then will others users
be able to use wine?

Thank you all.

Dotan Cohen
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