[Wine]Problems with Planescape: Torment

Alex Ferguson b_linuz at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 12:13:17 CDT 2005


I've been having some problems with Planescape and I
can't seem to be able to solve them (I'm neither a
Linux nor a Wine wiz, if you know what I mean).
Before I state my problem, I have to say I have used 3
Wine releases, the 03/2005 one, that couldn't even
start Planescape (I got it as a binary .deb file), the
05/2005 one (Compiled from source), and the current
one (06/2005, also compiled from source).Both
source-compiled ones have the same problem, and it's
not the distribution, or the computer, since I've
reinstalled my distro many times, and I've upgraded my
motherboard (And CPU, RAM, GPU...).I'm using Ubuntu

So, here goes.Planescape installs well, it boots up
well (I followed the instructions on the Wine App
database),BUT, there is no sound (Sound works well on
all other apps, though I haven't tried other
Wine-emulated apps), and the X mouse-cursor is
constantly flikerring near the Planescape one.The
mouse  problem is not all that annoying (Ok, mabye it
is ;) ), but I can't live without sound.I haven't
heard about sound problems from anyone else, and I've
checked (almost) everywhere!

Ubuntu has some problems with sound, but there are
many tutorials on how to solve them, and I've followed
them.Sound works well on all other apps, although If I
have Ruthmbox or XMMS or whatever running in the
backround, I can't hear any sound in e.g ZSNES
(Meaning, in Ubuntu the sound card can't be used by
more than one application).So, unless Wine tries to
acsess the sound card in a *dual* way, It's not
Ubuntu.*Phew*.That was long.

I Thank You, Repliers.Long Live Rock 'n Roll.

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." -Plato

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