[Wine]Problems with Planescape: Torment

Alex Ferguson b_linuz at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 16:15:53 CDT 2005

I thank you for your reply,Mr.Grahame White.

Although there is no ~/.wine/config file in the
06/2005 version, I'm pretty sure that the driver used
is ALSA (By looking in winecfg), which is correct.But,
even in the older versions, I tried both OSS (The
default) and ALSA (By uncommenting it), and It still
wouldn't work.Has anyone tried PS:T on Ubuntu, and has
gotten sound? I'm pretty sure it's Ubuntu.On a
sidenote, I'm using the standard AC'97 sound "card" on
my crummy Soltek Motherboard.Also, can anyone tell me
how to get rid of the X cursor wilst playing PS:T, if
only using a workaround (Like making the cursor
dissapear in the terminal, not just for wine but for
X, too).
I certaingly plan on posting the good news, if they
ever come up.I always hated when someone had the same
exact problem with me, and the only thing he posted
was "Hey I got it Fixed!".Anyways, Thanks!

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