[Wine]Can't get things running

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 11:48:03 CST 2005

--- wine <wine at dunc-it.com> wrote:

> Hiji wrote:
> >>does - is there anyway 
> >>to get either of these apps running in Wine? 
> Thanks
> >>in advance,
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Hi Dunc,
> >
> >I think you're using Wine in an incorrect way.  You
> >need to use REAL DLLs ... not the Wine DLL
> >equivalents.  You should read up on Wine a bit more
> >regarding how it is configured:
> >
> >Also, you should see if your apps are listed in the
> >database.  If they are, you can see what people did
> to
> >get them working, or if they had no luck making
> them
> >work:
> >http://appdb.winehq.org
> >  
> >
> While I do have licensed copies of just about all
> versions of Windows I 
> see this in the Wine documentation that you pointed
> me to:  "A major 
> goal of Wine is to allow users to run Windows
> programs without having to 
> install Windows on their machine. Wine implements
> the functionality of 
> the main DLLs usually provided with Windows.
> Therefore, once Wine is 
> finished, you will not need to have Windows
> installed to use Wine."
> That being said / read I was able to get my first
> application (Cadkit or 
> Ckpp.exe) running by copying the real Windows 2K
> ddeml.dll into the 
> system directory.  The other application (KOPS.exe)
> still isn't 
> co-operating with Wine, nor is it complaining about
> any specific file 
> that I can copy into my Wine directory to help make
> things better.  It's 
> still saying:  "fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub",
> followed by a whole 
> mess of "err:heap:HEAP_GetPtr Invalid heap (nil)!"
> messages.  Does 
> anyone know what Wine is trying to tell me and how I
> might go about 
> overcoming the problem?  Thanks,
> Dunc

Great job on making progress! :)  You might want to
check around www.frankscorner.org as well, do a Google
search on the error messages, or a do Google search on
"[application name] Wine".

Sometimes, after much trial and error, one must throw
in the towel and realize that Wine just can't [yet]
support the app. :)  But keep trying...


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