[Wine]Facing Problems with installing wine source

scott at valindar.com scott at valindar.com
Tue Mar 15 15:34:05 CST 2005

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 04:03:59AM -0700, Vijay Krishnan - Sr. Trainer wrote:
> Hi,
>  I downloaded the source file wine-20050211.tar.gz, extracted it and then followed the instructions provided in the wine user guide. I did ./configure, then make depend && make, then make install.
>  Then, whenever I try to execute wine, it gives me an error message that it could not find libwine.so.1
>  What could be the problem? Further, I have a requirement of running Internet Explorer thru' wine. Kindly help.
>  Looking forward to your earliest response.
>  Best Regards
>  Vijay Krishnan


To install wine from source, it's recommended that you run the 
$winesrc/tools/wineinstall script. However, I believe what you did works

As for not being able to find libwine.so.1, you could try running (as
root) 'ldconfig'. However, this should happen everytime you boot your
computer, so if you've rebooted and it still doesn't work then I don't
think that's the problem.

I recommend installing from source again using the wineinstall script,
as I had no problem using it. If you've kept your source directory in
tact already compiled, I do not believe it will build it again, just
install it.

I'll think about this some more, and if I come up with another answer,
I'll post it.

Good luck,

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