[Wine]Trying to make a program work

Tim Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Mon Mar 21 08:07:42 CST 2005

Good Morning All:

After a few initial frustrations with it, I have gotten wine installed
on my FC3 laptop, and I am trying to get some software running.  The
primary program that I am interested in is an image transfer program for
my Digital Camera.  The browser portion of it loads and runs without any
issues at all, but the transfer subprogram (called Nikon Transfer)
refuses to run.  When it is called, it starts, and the GUI comes up,
then an error box comes up saying

Could not start program
Resources may be running low or the program may not be installed
Exit other programs or reinstall the program and try again.

This program is the primary reason I started using wine, as I use my
laptop extensively for Digital Photography.  If any of you can suggest
how I might go about getting this software to run, or an alternative
program to offload the pictures from my flash cards, and rename them, I
would be most appreciative


Tim Holmes
IT Manager / Webmaster
Medina Christian Academy
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