[Wine]random book questions / ttydrv

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 16:57:35 CST 2005

Some of you might not have seen the posts on wine-devel about a book
I'm writing with Ira Krakow.  We're basically going to cover
everything about Wine up to Wine development itself.  Right now we've
got 5 out of 14 chapters completed.

Anyway, I've got some questions..

1.  I'd like to cover using the ttydrv driver, but I need a good
example.  Is there anyone out there using ttydrv with a real world
application?  Preferably one I can download for free.  It would be
nice if the installation program is CUI as well.

2.  In general, what problems have you run into with Wine that people
should be aware of?  Do you have any particular tips or tricks you'd
like to share?

3.  The next chapter is going to cover installing specific
applications - sort of a cookbook.  What apps do you think would be
useful to put in there?

As we get further along I'll probably drop more questions on this
mailing list.  I'd be really interested in hearing from someone who's
done a large enterprise deployment of Wine.  Especially if it involved
stuff from the LTSP.org guys.

-Brian Vincent
(WWN editor amongst other Wine things)

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