[Wine]MIDI applications

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Tue Mar 22 03:59:27 CST 2005

Often, these will report an error loading one of their DLLs, usually a 
sequencer dll of some sort. This is due to thunking! Win9* MIDI works on 16 
bits. This problem can be corrected by running WINE as nt4. Winxp will 
usually not work.

One set to nt4, I had the following results:

Onyx and related software: Runs afoul of the registration. The one which 
reported time left to evaluate came up with its own error-reporting box. WINE 
reported problems with a "stub"

Jammer Pro 5: Comes up. Only the "midimapper" is reported as a device and this 
does not work. File open boxes do not paint correctly and do not find all 
their files.

I believe that both of these use Microsoft Visual Studio. Non-functioning MIDI 
is a common problem in WINE, it seems, though I have some applications work 
perfectly but those only using OSS.

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