[Wine]OED2 CDROM only displays small caps font

Mike Calder ceo at phosco.com
Mon May 2 08:13:28 CDT 2005


I've recently updated to Suse 9.3, and my OED2 CDROM software no longer works 
properly under Wine - the dialog and general system text of the application 
still displays properly, but the application data, the results lists and 
definition text, doesn't.

Essentially, the problem seems to be that Wine seems to think that this kind 
of text has to be displayed as small caps.  The underlying text is actually 
correct, if I cut and paste it into Notepad, for example, the text 
capitalisation upper and lower looks fine (apart from special characters such 
as phonetics, which don't display).  In the OED2 app I get small caps for all 
lower case and empty box characters for what are really capitals, numerics, 
and punctuation.

The app comes with a set of special TTF fonts provided by the OED, and these 
font sets are being used.  It's just that (for example, in the main text) 
Plantin Small Caps is being used for display by Wine instead of the normal 
Plantin font(you can tell it is picking the correct font family up from the 
letter forms displayed).  So Wine is finding the fonts installed by the 
application, and they are all there and readable (I've checked).  It just 
seems to be insisting on using small caps for some reason - the small caps 
versions of the fonts are in separate files.

I've updated Wine to the most recent version (20050419) and the behaviour is 
the same.  I've run winetools and done all the standard setup stuff, and that 
hasn't helped either.

Anyone got any ideas what I can do to fix?

Clear skies!
Mike Calder.

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