[Wine]OED2 CDROM only displays small caps font

Mike Calder ceo at phosco.com
Tue May 3 05:07:21 CDT 2005

Hi again.

More on this one.   If I run in Winedbg, on "cont" it halts before user input 
allowed and gives:

WineDbg starting on pid 0xa
In 32 bit mode.
0x55a6219e: jmp 0x55a6218d
First chance exception: page fault in 16-bit code (15e7:ad8c).
In 16 bit mode.
Register dump:
 CS:15e7 SS:1227 DS:1227 ES:1227 FS:0063 GS:005b
 IP:ad8c SP:ad80 BP:ad96 FLAGS:0206(   - 00      - RIP1)
 AX:150b BX:0000 CX:0007 DX:0000 SI:1227 DI:0000
Stack dump:
0x1227:0xad80:  73db 1217 ad96 0000 ad8c 15e7 2fcd 00cb
0x1227:0xad90:  ae96 08e3 1227 adbb 16b6 11ff 002f adaa
0x1227:0xada0:  1227 adaa 1227 ae96 08e3 150b 0000 0007
0244: sel=1227 base=55981380 limit=0000ff5f 16-bit rw-
=>1 0x15e7:0xad8c (0x1227:0xad96)
  2 0x11ff:0x16b6 (0x1227:0xadba)
  3 0x6811:0xff18 (0x1227:0xadf4)
  4 0x11ff:0x1fbf (0x1227:0xae08)
  5 0x11ff:0x07d8 (0x1227:0xae1a)
  6 0x1217:0x564c (0x1227:0xae30)
  7 0x138f:0x00bc (0x1227:0xae5e)
  8 0x151f:0x0c2f (0x1227:0xae78)
  9 0x1457:0x088f (0x1227:0xaec8)
  10 0x1437:0x1358 (0x1227:0xaed8)
  11 0x1437:0x18d5 (0x1227:0xaeec)
  12 0x1007:0x0000 CallTo16_Ret in kernel32 (0x1227:0xaf26)
  13 0x55a87a72 K32WOWCallback16Ex in kernel32 (0x57864190)
  14 0x55d400dc in user32 (+0x500dc) (0x578644b8)
  15 0x55d47221 CallWindowProc16 in user32 (0x578644e8)
  16 0x55d84d6b DispatchMessage16 in user32 (0x5786451c)
  17 0x55d03fee in user32 (+0x13fee) (0x5786452c)
  18 0x55a889eb __wine_call_from_16_long in kernel32 (0x5786455c)
  19 0x1477:0x0c49 (0x1227:0xaf6e)
  20 0x1477:0x0e76 (0x1227:0xaf86)
  21 0x1217:0x5b05 (0x1227:0xafb0)
  22 0x11ff:0x01e8 (0x1227:0xafe2)
  23 0x1217:0x5a66 (0x1227:0xb0ca)
  24 0x1217:0x8879 (0x1227:0xb0dc)
  25 0x1217:0x6532 (0x1227:0x0000)
0x15e7:0xad8c: int      $0x2f

Does this mean anything?
Clear skies!
Mike Calder.

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