[Wine]Access 97 on Wine 20041019

jurgen thinger at gmail.com
Tue May 3 21:21:32 CDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting Access 97 working with Wine 20041019. Word and 
Excel work just fine, as far as I've used them, but Access simply refuses to 
start. I've installed off an original installer CD through the WineTools (
2.11jo) utility. I customised the install, removing everything except for 
the basic application files for Word, Excel and Access. I've also installed 
all of the Base Setup and all of the Windows System Software from WineTools.

During install, it complains about not being able to update the workgroup 
database, but the install completes fine anyway. When I navigate to Access's 
folder and type "wine MSACCESS.EXE", the splash screen comes up just fine, 
then a second later, I get an error dialogue box:

Microsoft Access couldn't find the file "C:\windows\system\system.mdw". This 
file is required for startup.

Doing a bit of reasearch, I learnt that this file has something to do with 
Access's workgroup (tee hee) functions. I tried touching the file and 
setting it to 777, also tried copying system.mdw from a "real" Windows 
machine, but both of these solutions ends up with an out of memory dialogue 
on launch. It's progress though, I got a *different* error. :-)

The single line of Wine output doesn't seem to be too serious:

fixme:font:SetMapperFlags (0xa4, 0x00000001): stub - harmless

Can anyone help, please? If I can get Access working on this setup, I'll be 
able to get rid of Windows on all our machines here. Access is the only 
thing stopping me from rolling Linux out to all our desktops. Grr. Access. 

To sum up, my setup is:

- Gentoo 2005.0
- Wine 20041019
- WineTools 2.11jo

Thanks in advance,


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