[Wine]Re: wineconf video downloads

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Fri May 6 04:07:19 CDT 2005

On Wed, 4 May 2005, Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:

> Videos will appear here
> http://wineconf.geldorp.nl/

Thanks a lot for the videos.

I got all of them and tried to mirror them to my website but 
unfortunately it seems Free does not want me to upload files bigger than 
80MB (yet I'm supposed to have 1GB of space).

The sound is actually pretty good except for the questions but I'm not 
sure much can be done about it (or at least I would not know how to fix 
that). The video is quite grainy, so applying a denoiser can help if 
someone decides to reencode them (perhaps as part of the sound work). 
Another solution is to denoise them at playback with:

    mplayer -vf hqdn3d xxx.avi

Some appear a bit fuzzy too but again I don't think this can be fixed, 
the webcam's focus was probably wrong. The other issue I've noticed is 
that some take a long time to start, almost 10s, at least in my version 
of mplayer (1.0-pre7-0.0). The ones I'm having trouble with are:


But they play eventually so it's ok. Just be patient if it happens to 

Finally, for reference, here are the md5sums for the files I got. Let 
me know if one of them is wrong:

5f85c68f26dc38b3b04dd54c8e94de8f  2005_04_30_10_12_39.avi
5b4eee8f7435cebd857cb1a7ebd0a820  2005_04_30_11_13_44.avi
e6df5c502a8a31c3b9df3473592675b5  2005_04_30_11_22_59.avi
fcdb895359f875d9ce7287af7076a8cd  2005_04_30_13_31_16.avi
756c6216938eb67fa71c24d8f926a1fe  2005_04_30_14_00_31.avi
f7998008aa910fad2edd8cc5f3e325c5  2005_04_30_16_31_39.avi
6b341fa9e82da50668bdd2f8ba035946  2005_05_01_08_52_15.avi
1d2d773a7139afb925cc00e13ed93514  2005_05_01_09_52_29.avi
15d536fdba8d1ac4c6f3151f707ef036  2005_05_01_11_12_30.avi
fc4dd037fd1fa3d491afa19b7a314f26  2005_05_01_13_57_26.avi
dab78398a5ec1a76390b62c57f04e981  2005_05_01_15_07_37.avi
be47ce27ac933c6eb8af3fe6b8955a2a  2005_05_01_16_48_07.avi

Overall it's very cool to have the (almost) full WineConf video 
archives, especially for me since I missed part of it. Also it's the 
first time they are available to everyone.

Many thanks.

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