[Wine]Half-Life and Counter-Strike on WINE

David F. Colwell dfcolwell at dfcolwell.com
Mon May 9 12:12:15 CDT 2005


Both work great on my FC3, wine-20050419, 2.4 GHz box.  Key changes to 
the ./tools/wineinstall $HOME/.wine/config file are as follows:

"Managed" = "N"                  ; a significant change
"UseXVidMode" = "N"
"UseXRandR" = "N"            ; a significant change
"DXGrab" = "Y"
"Synchronous" = "Y"            ; without this mouse reacts VERY slowly

"dir1" = " "/hda1/WINNT/Fonts"         ; yeah, I have an existing 
windoze dir for fonts

"windows" = "nt40"               ; under [AppDefaults\\sol.exe\\Version]

Command line:

c:\\SIERRA\\Half-Life\\hl.exe -console -windowed                        
        ; must use these switches

c:\\SIERRA\\Counter-Strike\\cstrike.exe -console -windowed -noipx

Note:   Half-Life doc requires the CD in the first CD-drive, but runs on 
either of mine.

My box is a server with no open-gl GPU so all is software driven.  Works 
good on small, 400x300 window, stutters on larger.  A -w 1280 switch has 
been blogged elsewhere but has no effect for me, i.e., window size is 
selected in app.  The -noipx switch tells cstrike not to pole for it, 
which is a time consuming step.

Be sure to properly link your CD drive in $HOME/dosdevices, e.g., mine is:
    ln -s /media/cdrom d:
    ln  -s /dev/hde d::
Both are required.  The double : is no typo.

Cstrike will complain about the sound being used by another app, so you 
won't have any sound. 

The update links in the app blow-up.  I haven't downloaded/installed any 
of the patches available.

Use Ctrl-Alt-F1 and logon so you can issue "killall -9 wine-preloader" 
if things go wrong.  Then use Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return to your GUI.  If 
your screen is magnified so it is unusable, just hit "arrow-up" once and 
then "return" to relaunch the app then select quit/exit.  It usually 
returns the screen to normal.

Have fun.

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