[Wine]Stupid question about IE and WINE

Tom Cavin tec at WPI.EDU
Thu May 12 23:14:13 CDT 2005

Hi All,

Lamentably, I now have a legitimate need to run Internet Explorer on one of
my nice Linux boxes.  (It has to do with web design, the fact that many
people still use IE, and the need to have a site that work with many
browsers and not just the ones that adhere to the official standards.)

Up to this point I've managed to happily run many computers for years
without ever dealing with Microsoft, any of their products or their web
site.  Just about everything I've ever needed has been available as open
source, and the few exceptions have been very nicely handled by WINE.  :-)

However, this means I don't know my way around Microsoft's web site.

So I now have a very stupid question about IE that I hope someone can
provide a quick answer to.

   Where can I get IE?

Would some kind soul please supply the URLs for IE 5 and IE 6 so I can get
the <expletive deleted> programs?  I'm not too worried about the many
security patches because the programs will be running in an isolated
environment without internet access.  All I really need them for is to test
the rendering engines on local html files.

I've already discovered <no surprise> the Microsoft site behaves poorly
when viewed using Mozilla or Firefox.  I've resorted to using Opera and
having the program identify itself as MSIE 6, so once I have the URLs I
should be able to download them.  Also, I know to use a more recent WINE
release, and I think there was a mention on this list of the need to use
WineTools for the install.  Are there any other potential pitfalls?



Tom Cavin               		      Email:       tec at wpi.edu 

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