[Wine]Start Windows application from another windows application

harryvanderwolf at hccnet.nl harryvanderwolf at hccnet.nl
Thu May 19 04:56:01 CDT 2005

Hi all,

Being a little (completely) fed-up with windows, I'd like to make a complete switch to Linux, which I already use for about 90%. I still use a specific panorama photo stiching program within WinXP called PTGui.
The PTGui program runs fine within Wine. However, PTgui knows/uses two "helper" programs called autopano(.exe) and enblend(.exe). Both are console based executables doing calculations for ptgui.
PTGui has the option to call them from within PTGui. After the (external) program (for example autopano) has run, the output is somehow picked up and used within ptgui.
The same works for enblend.

This combination of programs doesn't work in wine. I don't even think they get started as normally (in windows) a textbased cmd windows pops up and shows the "activity". When finished the text based cmd window closes and the output is returned to PTGui. 
So in short: how can I start a second windows (text based) program from the first (GUI) program in Wine ?

Note: I also tried to use the linux ports/versions of the autopano tool and enblend tool, but that did not succeed either. Maybe because I'm to new to the subject. If anyone of you know how I can combine these versions instead of the windows versions, I would be very happy too.

Your help will be appreciated.

kind regards,


ps: yes, I know hugin for unixes and I'm experimenting with it right now, but I do have a (company) laptop with XP which I can't change and ptgui is a very nice program.)

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