[Wine]Printers and setting up Windows partitions (from Derek's advice): 5/18/2005

Robert Yu bobbyyu3 at gmail.com
Wed May 18 16:36:46 CDT 2005

When I will network my printer-connect Windows computer to my
Mandrake/whatever Linux computer, I would have the following as facts:

1. Samba is needed
2. The CUPs program is needed
3. Konqueror with the Lisa  "protocol" (shall I say that?) would help,
but it's not preferred.

THis is where I'm at a cross-roads. From what I've read so far, Kon is
the only thing that's to human terms). First off, it says it won't
concentrate on small things like Windows, or a filesystem, it will
concentrate on an IP address. I'm contemplating a problem right now,
as this Windows computer is DHCP-enabled. Does that mean it will
refuse to induct the computer if the IP address is not the same? I
know my questions seem challenged, but I need them answered.

And here's one for Derek: if I put Wine into the /usr partition, it's
wise to put the Windows on the /mnt/windows or /home section, correct?

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