[Wine]Problem with InstMsiA.exe

Dennis Meulensteen dennis at meulensteen.nl
Mon May 23 14:31:45 CDT 2005

>I just made a very short try with the new WineTools and the limited
>version for download: Installs out of the box without problems and runs
>just fine with native comctl32.dll and commctl.dll. WineTools uses
>wine-20041019. So my guesses are your problem comes from:
>- the wine version you use
>- the config (try the one of WineTools to be found on my site)
>- the base setup I use (including DCOM98 and IE6)
Tried all that, using the recommended versions and downloads only. The 
installers work fine now! I can get the trial and the registered version 
up and running OK.

Just one problem you may have missed in your test. If you add a default 
database, you will soon see that the toolbars above the main windows are 
corrupted. I found out that this is due to unimplemented calls in the 
"builtin" comctl32.dll interface. (oh sh1t...)

When I used the native version of this DLL in some previous testing I 
could see them properly (even though some file handling stuff was a bit 

Problem is that I can't get Imatch to work with WineTools using the 
native comctl32.dll! It either just hangs on startup or loads with the 
builtin Dll.
This is what I tried, witha nd without the asterisk.

; Imatch Image Management
"*comctl32" = "native"

Any ideas on where I should go from here?


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