[Wine]Problem with InstMsiA.exe

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Mon May 23 06:59:13 CDT 2005

Am Mo, Mai 23, 2005 at 11:13:41 +0200 schrieb dennis at meulensteen.nl:
> I'm trying to install the Imatch demo from www.photools.com, which uses an
> MSI installer. I have Wine set to Win98 compatibility mode.
> I can get the registered version up and running if I install it on windoze
> first then move the whole installation directory to my wine fake drive_c,
> copy some DLL's and set comctl.dll to native. This would be fine for my
> own uses but I'd really like to do this Windowless for the sake of other
> users who want to "format C:/" one last time!
> The MSI problems are preventing me, or anyone else AFAIK, from using this
> software with Wine. I believe Imatch to be of great value to others as
> well because there is no Linux alternative (Don't get me wrong, KimDaBa is
> nice, but not in this league by any stretch of the imagination).
> Problem is the MSI installer won't run all the way through and the demo
> won't complete setup properly either. I have the instructions in the Appdb
> at wineHq. So anyone can see what I did. I'm using the latest released
> Wine version (2005-05-19).
> In the end I can get the app running allright, but now comes the punch-line:
> When I go to install the registered version it won't run the MSI setup
> properly and crashes Wine fatally.
> Does anyone have an idea of a solution, or just something else I can try?

I just made a very short try with the new WineTools and the limited
version for download: Installs out of the box without problems and runs
just fine with native comctl32.dll and commctl.dll. WineTools uses
wine-20041019. So my guesses are your problem comes from:

- the wine version you use
- the config (try the one of WineTools to be found on my site)
- the base setup I use (including DCOM98 and IE6)

	Joachim von Thadden
"Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system?
          Never run a touchy system!!!"

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