[Wine] copy installed IE6 and MSWord to another machine

Rauch Christian info at rauch-webdesign.de
Thu Nov 3 11:34:45 CST 2005

Markus Winhard wrote:
> Is there a way to simply copy all the Windows software I installed on 
> one machine to another machine? 
I don't think so, or dou know every single registry key and dll or ocx 
of every software?

Not every software has some sort of "disaster recovery" to recreate 
registry entries, as this is mostly done during
install and so will fail.
> At this time it's just IE6 and MSWord but there may be more Windows 
> software installed in the future...
I really don't think, that it will work with those 2, since IE makes 
many Changes to registry and dlls/ocx'es.
Same wirh MSWord.
> Markus Winhard
Christian Rauch

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