[Wine] 100% CPU usage

Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Wed Nov 9 21:37:48 CST 2005

1) No.

2) Depends on where the issue lies.

Bloody details may help. :-) :-P

What version of wine are you running? Installed via RPM or compiled from 
source? Are you seeing this with all apps or just some? Any notations in 
the terminal? Does running the app with 'WINEDEBUG="-all" wine app.exe' 
have any affect on performance? Does the app/system performance suffer? 
Has Wine always done this or did it just start?

Randall Walls

Mark Knecht wrote:

>   Without going into all the bloody details we see a number of apps
>running under Wine-0.9 that take 100% CPU when running.
>1) Is this expected?
>2) How can I look more deeply to see what is causing this to happen?
>We're just using 'top' and looking at usr, sys, etc. and seeing it go
>to 100%, even when the system is sitting essentially idle.
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