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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Wed Nov 9 12:57:20 CST 2005

Le mercredi 09 novembre 2005 à 13:26 -0500, Philippe Anctil a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have installed WC3 inside a fresh c_drive. I doubt it is an install issue, 
> unless there is something else I should install next to WC3.
> My CPU speed obviously makes that problem easier to spot. As for precise 
> circumstances, they are "clicking and selecting with a marquee". For 
> example, I always get a pause when selecting my workers at the beginning of 
> a game. Then I experience shorter pauses throughout the game. I believe they 
> always correspond to a click or selection (but not necessarily all clicks 
> and selections).
> I will see if this is a swapping issue. I think I'm also going to do some 
> tests with 20031212 on RH9. From that point I'll be able to tell if the 
> problem really appeared in Wine.
> Another bug I've seen a few times is a hang. The image on screen freezes and 
> the last bit of sound replays forever until I kill the game. Have you seen 
> that one? I thought it was related to music, but I've seen it occur with 
> music disabled no later than yesterday.
> Last time I checked the application pages didn't appear to be modifiable.

If you mean the application page in the AppDB, they are modifiable if
you get maintainer for the application. This would be really

You can also contribute by sending test results (you don't need to be a
maintainer for that, just to be logged in).

Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch>
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