[Wine] Re: Re: How do I change the resolution Wine reports to the app?

Pere pmoncho at cetib.ictnet.es
Mon Nov 28 07:53:59 CST 2005

Hi Uwe, the new Wine 0.9.2 hasn't "winecfg"

You tune it with a "emulated Windows registry"

I'm looking for a variable in this "window registry" and I found in the
"HKEY_CURRENT_CONfIG" / "Software" / "Fonts", the key "LogPixels", I'm
changed it and the effect, over some parts of the "emulated Windows", is
similar to change the resolution screen in the true Windows, but this no
solve the problem.

Uwe Bonnes wrote:

>>>>>> "Pere" == Pere  <pmoncho at cetib.ictnet.es> writes:
>     Pere> David D. Hagood wrote:
>     Pere> I'm the same problem with an specific application, don't work
>     Pere> because it "says" the screen resolution is too small.
>     Pere> In the news I don't see any good answer, have you solved the
>     Pere> problem?, can you say me how?, thanks in advance.
> Have you tried using the "graphics" tab in winecfg?

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