[Wine] Wine 0.9.2, SuSE 10, Pegasus Mail 4.21C

rotowe at bredband.net rotowe at bredband.net
Mon Nov 28 15:44:44 CST 2005

I recently upgraded my SuSE 9.0 system to SuSE 10.

I have noticed several bug fixes in Wine but I have a new 
problem with Pegasus Mail, the only Windows program I am 
addicted to because it is so powerful.

The Pegasus Mail window can't be closed normally.

I can't solve the problem but maybe my own experiments can 
help isolate it.  

Pegasus Mail 4.21C has worked fine under SuSE 9.0 and 
Wine 20030813 for a long time. The window could freeze in 
the background but it happened very seldom.

I updated SuSe 9.0 regularly so I probably used several Wine 
versions. So I want to thank you for Wine. Without it, I would 
still depend on MS Windows.  

Under SuSE 10, I have tried two versions of Wine: Wine 0.9.2 
and the one from July (which comes with SuSE 10). The 
problem remains the same.  

Pegasus has three winsock alternatives in the Options menu:  

1. Never load winsock.dll

The program starts and finishes without problems, but 
Pegasus believes it has no internet connection and so disables 
sending and retrieving internet mail.  

2. Load winsock.dll on demand only

The program loads winsock.dll, sends or retrieves mail - and 
freezes the moment after. New mail can be read when the 
program is restarted.  

3. Always load winsock.dll

The program loads winsock.dll, sends or retrieves mail but 
does not freeze. However, I can't exit the program. I must kill 
the window with force. This is the alternative I use when writing 
this message.  

This is how many have started Pegasus in the past:

cd to/location/of/winpm-32.exe
wine winpm-32.exe -Z 128

"-Z 128" tells Pegasus not to load winsock.

The parameter doesn't help now, unfortunately. It did in the 

I have used winecfg to test several different configurations with 
no success: builtin or native dlls seem to make no difference. I 
may have made a mistake here. I am not a knowledgable Wine 

In Wines windows/system directory, I have unsuccessfully tried 
the following:

No change at all.
My SuSE 9.0 version of winsock.dll and other dlls.
A downloaded version of winsock.dll.

I am only an amateur, but here is my guess about the cause of 
the problem:   

When winsock.dll (or the Linux equivalent) is loaded on demand, 
it is perhaps unloaded after sending or retrieving mail. Pegasus 

When winsock.dll is always loaded, it must be unloaded when 
the program exits. Pegasus freezes.  This  is my situation.

Unfortunately, I dare not test the latest Wine version under 
SuSE 9.0 (assuming an rpm exists). I depend on email and will 
have to re-install my old 6G SuSE 9.0 harddisk if this problem 
is not solved. You probably already know if the problem is 
related to SuSE or to Wine.  

I am thankful for all help I can get.

A related problem is described below.




I'm running SuSe linux professional v9.3 with wine v20050830.


2. When exiting or closing the Pegasus mail window, the 
window stops responding, and must be closed with alt F4 or 
killed. This is not the case when - Z 128 is not used, leading 
me to think that this may be curable somehow.  


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