[Wine] Problem running an old game

Mark Drummond mdrummond5 at yahoo.ca
Mon Oct 3 12:58:10 CDT 2005

I'm trying to run Stars! under wine. The problem is, when the game
first starts it fires up a borderless window with "New Game" "Load
Game" buttons  but the window does not accept any input. Clicking on
the buttons "does nothing". After selecting new game or load game you
get to a "normal" bordered window.

I had this working before, but at the time I was using some sort of TK
based tool to change Wine's behaviour ... "managed", "unmanaged" etc.

I think the problem is a license dialog box is popping up behind the
borderless window (which I can't move) and I cannot get at it.

Any thoughts?


Mark Drummond
mdrummond at yahoo.ca

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