[Wine] Re: Benefits from using original Windows DLLs?

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Mon Oct 3 16:21:01 CDT 2005

Le lundi 03 octobre 2005 à 22:30 +0200, Malte Gell a écrit :
> Hello,
> I still own MS Windows NT 4 Workstation and Windows95 both on CD. 
> According to the FAQ Windows can't be installed using Wine, but the 
> DLLs could be extracted and used with Wine.
> Is there much benefit from doing this? I guess the DLLs could be copied 
> to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system right?

Don't copy blindly all your dlls in this directory. Using native dll
should only be used when builtin dlls don't work for a particular

In some case native dlls help, in other they will do more bad than good.

BTW if you want to use a particular native dll with one or more
applications, you have to set it using winecfg after copying the native

> If it makes sense, what is best to used, Win95 or Win NT4? Is this 
> procedure legally allowed (I do not have Windows installed anywhere on 
> the harddrive, just own the original CDs)?

IANAL but I think you can use the dlls you paid for without problem.

Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch>
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