[Wine] mouse cursor won't leave screen center

Diederick de Vries d.d.vries at nki.nl
Tue Oct 4 03:03:17 CDT 2005


I'm trying to play Frontier First Encounters' Windows port jjffe using wine, 
since that's the only version of the game that actually has a proper 
framerate under X (using the dos version under dosbox I get about 2fps during 
the intro sequence, while jjffe under wine looks perfect.)

However, the mouse stays more or less put in the center of the screen. When I 
move it around, it wobbles a bit in the direction of the movement, but when I 
stop moving it stays fixed again in the screen center. I can't play this way. 

Does anyone have a clue why this is and what I can do about it?

Thanks for any help,
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