[Wine] Wine, JACK and midi?

Joseph Jones bumpycarrot at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 18:42:40 CDT 2005

Hey there,

I'm a bit new to WINE, not used it much outside of when I used to play
Diablo II on it a year or two ago.

Anyways, another thing I'm currently experimenting with is music
composition. I've got my Rosegarden (sequencer) and qsynth running
over JACK, but frankly, the free soundfonts I've found have been
pretty dire. The level of cheese involved is enough to kill a man.

So I'm wondering whether anybody has any experience with having WINE
doing terrible, horrible things with midi and JACK, since
Propellerheads and d-lusion have recently put out their old softsynths
for free. I've already tried getting ReBirth to work and came up to a
brick wall cause I couldn't figure out how to make it think the CD was
in the drive when it starts up the first time (had the image mounted
and everything), however, Rubberduck loads up no problem, I just need
to figure out how to get midi into it from Rosegarden and sound out of
it into JACK.

If anyone could give me any hints with this, point me in the right
direction or at a thread I've missed, I'd be most grateful :) I'm
running Ubuntu Breezy with packages right out of the distro for all
the software involved.

Many thanks,


PS. My first thread, please be gentle ;)

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